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In Singapore, SCAS SINGAPORE PTE LTD (SCASS) was established in 1997.

With an added value of experience and knowledge accumulated over many years, SCASS has always provided analysis services specialized in microanalytical technology for petrochemical and environmental fields, as well as in material analyses centering around HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and green procurement in the electronic and electric-appliance fields.  read more

Technical News


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Analysis for Chemicals

  • Test of polymer materials
  • Test of general chemicals
  • Analysis of Mathanol
  • Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Compounds
  • Analysis of Foreign Substance by SEM-EDX and μFT-IR

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Environmental Research

  • Analysis of waste water
  • TOC & NPOC
  • Determination of Mono Amine in cooling tower water
  • Aldehyde & VOC analysis by ADTEC Chamber System

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Evaluation of Electronics

  • Outgas analysis by DHS/GC-MS
  • Ion analysis by IC test
  • Evaluation of Clean room consumable goods
  • Surface analysis and contamination analysis by SEM-EDX and μFT-IR

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Affiliated SCAS Group Support

  • Evaluations of general chemical products, electronic industrial products, and devices
  • Environmental evaluations
  • Registration applications and safety assessment
  • Equipment, HPLC columns and samplers sales

Group Company

SCAS-BTT Bioanalysis SCAS Korea SCAS Taiwan
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